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newborn session details

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!!  I would be absolutely honored to photograph such a special time in your lives.  Babies only stay small for such a short amount of time and I truly adore photographing them when they are so new and fresh.  There are some things to remember when booking a newborn session and some tips I like to provide clients and new parents in order to get the best newborn photos possible.

*Newborn sessions are best within the first 7 days of life!  Your baby is still small, flexible and very sleepy.  The newer the better since they fall in to a deeper sleep during those first few days of life.  Most newborns you see on my website and blog are around 4 or 5 days old.  

*Call or email me to find out about pricing and collections prior to the baby being born.  The days following the birth of your baby will be slightly chaotic plus you will be soaking in your new love so you’ll want to be prepared beforehand.  I will mark your due date on my calendar so I know that I should be expecting a newborn session around that particular date.

*Have your husband call or email me once you have the baby so we can set up a date and time for your session a day or two after you’re home from the hospital.  That way you’ve had time to settle in at home but the baby is still very young, tired and flexible and right around that 4 or 5 day mark.  If you wait until the baby is a week old or older to contact me it is possible that my schedule will not allow for a newborn session before the baby turns 7 days old and therefore we may not get the same style photos as you see on my website/blog.

*I will come to your home so you don’t have to travel with a newborn baby and we will have all your baby gear at hand.  If you know that your house has very little natural light and will not lend itself well to a newborn session please let me know so we can make other arrangements.

*Newborns are happiest being photographed when they are asleep, full and warm.

*Before I arrive and before you start feeding your baby, swaddle the baby in a warm blanket but only in his/her diaper.  That way when the baby falls asleep from eating we do not disturb him/her by having to take off an outfit before starting photos.

*Feed your baby right before our session so that the baby is full.  I don’t mind if your baby is still eating when I arrive.

*Keep your house warmer than normal.  Little to no AC in the summer and extra heat in the winter.  If we’re sweating then the baby is happy so turn off the AC or turn on the heat.  You’ll want to start the “warming process” at least an hour before our session is scheduled to start.

*The session will last between one and three hours depending on the baby.  I am more than happy to hang out if you need to do another feeding or to change diapers.  The goal is to keep you and your baby happy while getting some amazingly cute photos.

*Each newborn is different so it may take more time to get one baby to sleep or keep him/her asleep while other babies will sleep the enitre session.  Be patient. Some babies won’t sleep at all so we’ll do our best to still get the cutest newborn shots even while he/she is awake.

*If there are any particular poses or shots that you like from my website please let me know so I can bring any baskets or blankets that make those shots so cute.

*To find out more information on my newborn sessions, please email me at or use the ‘contact‘ button above.


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